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Conference Week Support

Dates: Monday, November 13 to Friday, November 17 Time: TBD Location: Staff Lounge Hosted by: You! Details:Every year the Washington PTO organizes our community to support Washington staff during conference week by providing daily lunches. More details coming soon. Sign Ups Will Be Here

Staff Birthdays

Birthdays are a great time to drop these teachers and staff a note to show them some love and appreciation for all they do for our kids. If you’d like to give a gift, click here to see a list of their birthdays and “favorites” (restaurants/hobbies/treats/etc). Choosing a gift from the Favorites List ensures you’ll be giving something they […]

Teacher Wish Lists

Teacher Name Grade Level Amazon Wish List Link Mrs. Blue 6 Mrs. Blue’s Wishlist Ms. Slotnick-Lastrico K Ms. Slotnick-Lastrico’s Wish List Mrs. Kielborn 4 Mrs. Kielborn’s Wishlist Mrs. Baron 3 Mrs. Baron’s Wishlist  Ms. Llewellyn 1 Ms. Llewellyn’s Wishlist Mrs. Garcia 4 Mrs. Garcia’s Wishlist Ms. Rodriguez K Ms. Rodriguez’s Wishlist Ms. Wheeler/Prendergast 5 Ms. […]